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How to be a Production Coordinator: 28 Keys For Success

28 Keys to Being a Successful Production Coordinator - Featured Image - ProductionBeast

No matter the size and scale of production, a diligent and determined production coordinator will help their unit production manager (UPM) plan for the best but prepare for the worst. The production coordinator job description is varied. Some production coordinators are managers, other are accountants. It all depends on the needs of the shoot and the UPM who hired you. Here are a few tips that...

How to Become a Working Gaffer: The Essential Guide

Gaffer - Featured Image - ProductionBeast

The gaffer is a vital department head for every film set — without electricity, there are no lights, no microphones, and no cameras.
Their skills are highly technical but absolutely essential. Without the gaffer, there simply is no film. If you’re interested in being one of the most important people on the set, you’ve got a few things you have to learn first.
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How to Become a Production Assistant and Start Your Hollywood Career

How to Become a Production Assistant and Start Your Hollywood Career - Social Image - ProductionBeast

Production assistant jobs are the first step to a long career in Hollywood. Often to referred to as PAs, production assistants help out the cast and crew with everything from grabbing them coffee to helping the director of photography adjust the lighting. This is an entry-level position for people who want to get their foot in the door of the entertainment industry.
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