A Complete Guide to Camera Operator Jobs: Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Complete Guide to Camera Operator Jobs - Cover Image - StudioBinder

Camera operator jobs are essential to any production. Working under the Director of Photography, they are instrumental in achieving the visual style of the film. More than that, though, they’re also the leader of a small team of camera specialists, all working together to make the film as beautiful as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about how to become a camera operator, including...

How to Become a Unit Production Manager: The Art of Saying No

Unit Production Manager Featured Image

As the saying goes: “The second word in show business is business. It’s not something filmmakers like to think about, but a unit production manager knows that equipment costs money. Those brilliant artists? They expect to get paid. Even if it’s a “passion project,” you have to keep a close budget, because resources aren’t unlimited. If you like keeping people on track, if you...

How to Get Started in Hair and Makeup in Film and Television

Hair and Makeup - Featured Image - ProductionBeast Copy

Hair and makeup are a vitally important part of the filmmaking process, even if it’s not always obvious.Even when they aren’t painting actors to look like aliens, hair stylists and makeup artist help the director tell stories about characters and help the cinematographer make their vision a reality. Whether you’re fresh out of cosmetology school or just starting out with dreams of a Best Makeup...

Gothic Mansions and Alien Planets: How to Become a Working Production Designer

Production Designer - Featured Image - Production Beast

Without the production designer, actors would not have worlds to inhabit.A future that looks disturbingly close to our own. An impossible cube of deadly traps. Period perfect Victorian London.A far off land of dragons and wizards, or a modern day Los Angeles where people spontaneously break into song.Learn more about how production designers do their magic, and how you to can build worlds.What is...

How to Become a Working Casting Director and Connect with Talent

Casting Director - Social Image - ProductionBeast

What usually separates a student film from professional production is the actors aren’t paid in pizza. Making a career in film in television, you can’t rely on friends of friends, you have to have a great casting director.But what do they do?  And what separates a great casting director from the rest?If you want to learn how to become a casting director, or just curious how much a casting...

Wounds and Monsters: How to Become a Special Effects Makeup Artist

How to Become a Special Effects Make Up Artist - Featured Image - ProductionBeast

Did you ever look at “Dawn of the Dead” or Jason Voreehees and thought “I want to do that.” Did you have posters of special effects makeup artist luminaries Rick Baker and Tom Savini up in your bedroom? If so, perhaps you should consider a career in special effects makeup, the men and women behind Hollywood’s wounds, aliens, and monsters. What is a Special Effects Makeup Artist?Special effects...

How to Climb from Best Boy to a Key Grip Position

How to Climb From Best Boy to a Key Grip Position - Featured Image - ProductionBeast

The stereotypical image of a key grip is a plainspoken on-set handyman (or woman), a c-wrench never far from their belt. Maybe that’s you.Maybe you want to buck the image. Maybe you don’t know exactly what a key grip is, but you love tools and movies.Here’s how you join the grip crew and become a key grip.LET’S DEFINE KEY GRIP“Key Grip”, like “gaffer,” is one of those Hollywood terms that raises...


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