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Wounds and Monsters: How to Become a Special Effects Makeup Artist

How to Become a Special Effects Make Up Artist - Featured Image - ProductionBeast

Did you ever look at “Dawn of the Dead” or Jason Voreehees without his mask and thought “I want to do that?” Did you have posters of Rick Baker and Tom Savini up in your bedroom?If so, perhaps you should consider a career in special effects makeup, the men and women behind Hollywood’s wounds, aliens, and monsters. What is a Special Effects Makeup Artist?Special effects makeup (sometimes shortened...

How to Climb from Best Boy to a Key Grip Position

How to Climb From Best Boy to a Key Grip Position - Featured Image - ProductionBeast

The stereotypical image of a key grip is a plainspoken on-set handyman (or woman), a c-wrench never far from their belt. Maybe that’s you.Maybe you want to buck the image. Maybe you don’t know exactly what a key grip is, but you love tools and movies.Here’s how you join the grip crew and become a key grip.Let’s Define Key Grip“Key Grip”, like “gaffer,” is one of those Hollywood terms that raises...

How to Work in Color Correction and Actually Make a Living

How to Work in Color Correction and Actually Make a Living - Featured Image - ProductionBeast

Those outside the post-production flow might not have any idea what a colorist does. Those who do know that they’ve been bringing the world on the big screen come to life since Technicolor.Whether you’re working at a post-production house and looking to move up or you’re just getting started coloring your pictures at home: here’s how you become a Hollywood colorist.Color Grading vs Color...

The Essential Guide: How to Become a Killer First Assistant Director


On a ship, the Captain sets the course, and the First Officer makes it happen. On a set, the director sets the vision, and the first assistant director ( shortened to 1st assistant director, “first AD”, or “1st AD”) turns his dreams into reality. If you want to learn how to become a first assistant director and get a chance to yell “rolling sound”? This is what you need to know.What is the...

How to Become a Line Producer: The Little Known Dream Job

How to Become a Line Producer - Featured Image - ProductionBeast

It can be hard to answer the question: what does a movie producer do exactly? A producer’s definition can vary—some may be financiers, others bring the project together, another may own the rights to the underlying property.Here we take a look at one specific role of a producer: the line producer. What is a line producer?Let’s dive in.SO WHAT IS A LINE PRODUCER EXACTLY?Have you ever traveled with...

6 Tips For Proper Film Set Etiquette


nderstanding the essentials of film set etiquette is paramount when creating a streamlined production without any obvious hiccups. Our friends at Screencraft have provided a useful 6 step guide on helping your cast and crew learn about film set etiquette..Nothing speaks more to your professionalism than the way you conduct yourself on set. I can’t tell you how many times I have cringed for...

22 Things Every Working Production Coordinator Should Know


ehind every Speilberg or Shonda Rhimes is a superhuman production coordinator. Without any of the glitz, working on a production coordinator salary, these multitasking savants build organization empires out of nothing.But they didn’t get there overnight.Whether you command a SWAT team of PAs already or are just talking to production managers, we’ve compiled the the top tips to make you a more...


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